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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friends and other things

Yesterday was a day for time with a friend.  Kathy needed a little help getting her computer and printer to talk. I had volunteered Gene to assist her.  He, as usual, was there to save the day.  In no time he had it working like a charm.  Then we helped Kathy get her background picture to be her two toy poodles.  So now Cassie and Lacy are there for her enjoyment.

Friends are good.  Friends are comfortable.  It is good to go to a home and feel comfortable enough to go in a room, pick up a picture, and help the friend scan it so she can have is as a background.  Not every home makes a person welcome to do this.  But Kathy has always been one of those friends to me and to Gene, too.  She wanted to give Gene a retirement party and she just did it!  Yes, friends are good.
My sorority sister friends and Kathy is in front of me.

Friends will let you help them paper walls, cook a meal and listen to you be scared, sad and silly.  A friend will watch you cry silently.  A friend will go to your home and pack a suitcase so you can stay at a hospital with your loved one who is critically ill.  Or that friend may find the Mickey Mouse hat that you forgot to take as a gag for your child's rehearsal dinner.  And mourn with you at the death of that marriage.

Aunt Punkin and Mom Edna
302 Young St. , Texas

2008 Rogers celebrate Mary's 90th birthday
Family is good, too.  It is just that most of our family lives in other states.  We did have lots of family here in this area when we first moved to Aurora in 1975.  Gene's parents, cousins, aunts and uncles were more plentiful and much younger.  Now all but one of the cousins have moved away to raise families.  There is only an aunt and  her sweet husband left along with their oldest son, his wife and of course Gene's mom.  Uncle Pete is 92, Aunt Punkin' 87 and Edna is 97.  All the others aunts & uncles have passed on to a better place.  My side of the family is all in Texas, Oklahoma and California.

 So I rely on this:

Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.   Don't leave your friends or your parents' friends and run home to your family when things get rough.  Better a nearby friend than a distant family.   Proverbs 27: 9-10

Other things ...... After the printer project was completed, Kathy treated us to lunch.  Then Gene drove us to Hancock Fabric's. Kathy browsed while I bought some more stuffing for another chair pad.  I have just about made a pad for every hard surface that is at a height to sit on in both my house and yard.  Gene has been teasing me about this.  That's ok 'cause I notice he enjoys using the pads.  Pads are comfortable, just not as comfortable as a good friend.

Celebrating one of us bunch of Aurora friends getting old!

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