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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Russia With Love or Back in The USSR

Ok, I did not expect to have Russians & Germans or at least redirects accessing this blog.  It is great, cool, scary and creepy all at the same time. I enjoy all the inter-connected-ness of the digital age.  I enjoy the ability to skype with family and friends.  I feel a little concerned that I will write something that could be used to compromise a credit card or bank account.  Sorry if this seems as if I am prejudging but that was the world of my childhood.
"Duck and cover" were words my generation grew up hearing during the height of the cold war.  Remember those signs of the fall out shelters that hung in basements and on buildings?  In the area where I grew up these signs could be next to the colored only signs, unfortunately ... but I digress.
One day in 1961 the kids in the Greatest Class Alive, Senior Class of (19)65 were setting in class when the drill alarms sounded.  We filed into the hallway of the new McKinney High School.  There we got on our knees, bent over and covered our heads or necks with our hands.  Now we were safe from the Communist bombs.

Marsha & Bogie, 2008
In 2008 my cousin, Marsha, her husband, Bogie, Gene and I made a road trip from Texas to our house.  During the 7 hour auto trip we had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Bogie, a Polish immigrant in the 1980's.  Bogie spoke of his love of all things from the United States.  He loved John Wayne movies as a youth growing up behind the Iron Curtain.  At an early age he determined to move to the USA.  As was the requirement as a teen and young man Bogie served in the Russian Army.  His job was a radar guidance operator.

Say what!?!  That was exactly the same job Gene did in the United States Army!  What year was that?  1961.  The same time Bogie was watching radar screens for an attack by the US, Gene was watching radar screens for an attack from Russia.  And I was on my knees in the hall floor in McKinney High School.  

Is it possible that the end of the Cold War is really the reason for Climate Change?
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