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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a Walkin', Yes. Indeed and I'm a Talkin"

Yes, I am walking.  Now let's consider that it is not unassisted walking.  There is a walker involved and certainly no land speed records being threatened.  But walking with less discomfort than before the surgery.  That is 8 days out and less discomfort than walking into the hospital.  We measured a walking circuit to walk inside the house that is about 100'.  Today I made a total of 19 laps of the circuit.  About a quarter of a mile.

The bathroom report is available but I do not find those facts anything I would care to share.  Even though that seems important to all the medical personnel. I will say that getting a good routine is important.  Properly placed equipment and supplies is another "biggie" for sure!

Ice water being pumped across the surfaces of my right leg leave me chilled from the inside out.  So I lie here with my leg elevated above heart level, winter sweat pants, tee shirt, sweater, wool scarf wrapped around my head and neck, towels shielding the cold from parts not needing the cooling and a small, dry afghan.  Started to spread my "The Stars at Night Are Big & Bright...." afghan over my body as it is Texas sized.  Unfortunately an undetected ice water spill earlier had rendered the item useless for maintaining body warmth.

That's about the time the talkin' began.  I had no ice water in the area so where is the source of the cold liquid.  You may now simply reference blog #1, Zero.  Just let it suffice to say that in the course of Gene working hard to be a caretaker for a grumpy old woman, some water was accidentally spilled.  If a person should not cry over spilled milk, pretty sure a barely walking grump should not say one word over a little spilled water.

Or comment on the speed of the help when I need it.  So maybe I should use a modification of the old tune, "I'm a walking,, yes, indeed and I'm not talking" .......

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