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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Knock Knock

Writing a blog is a little like singing in the shower.  My voice is wonderful on the inside but who knows how it sounds on the other side of the curtain.  But then I sing in the shower just for fun just as I am writing a blog for fun.  I would never inflict my singing voice on folks.  My 3 sisters have nice voices.  My talent lies else where, yet to be determined.  I do make good yeast rolls.  Anyway, if you do not care for my blog, I know you will just click to some place else you do like.

On the subject of singing, we went to spend some time with Mom Edna today.  We met her in the hall at the Manor.  She was on the way to hear a group of singers.  So we joined the group listening and occasionally joining in on the singing.  There were 5 singers and a pianist.  The youngest was probably late 80's and the tenor in his early 90's.  This group comes once a month to sing for the residents.

It was hard to tell who enjoyed the performance more, the singing group or the residents.  All the songs were gospel songs.  When the song "I'll Fly Away" was sung, one resident who was in a wheelchair did the movements taught to children when they sing that song.  The bass singer could not control the tears while singing "How Great Thou Art".  He required a break before the next song to compose himself.

The scene was bittersweet.  The walls of the room were lined with residents, mostly in wheel chairs, about 15 of them.  A few others used walkers and a couple had canes.  I saw 4 that could walk unassisted.  It was obvious the voices of the singers were a few stanzas beyond their prime, too.  But they made a joyful noise to the Lord anyway.  I sat watching people singing and listening to songs about going on to glory.  It was plain many were ready to be there in Glory rather than confined to the wheel chairs, walkers or slow walking legs assisted by canes or aides.

Glory, a place beyond this known dimension.  A place where people did not look at you with that questioning look.  You know the look, knock, knock, is anyone there?

From Faces of Dementia site

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