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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Television & My Brain

We decided to change our home entertainment packaging from one service to a service that offered faster internet access.  Well, that choice could result in two or three blog entries but why.  Suffice it to say that we have not had our typical 250 channel options for the last week.  And will not have the options for another week.

We do have the local channels via our rabbit ears.  Surprisingly good reception so long as not too many cars pass behind our house.  Once or twice we have taken turns standing on one leg with a hand in the air while touching the left ear of our rabbit.  That is the most reliable of the reception.  And the one assuming the position burns an extra calorie or two.

A few months ago Gene purchased a bluray disk player with internet capability.  That means with a simple telephone line attached to the correct slot, we can play Netflix on our living room TV.  With this option available, we have been watching lots of movies and documentaries.  One series is "Wild China".  What an amazing part of planet earth.  Such rich history, traditions and wild life that are facing the same pressures of time and space as our life on this side of the Pacific.

pic from website
Chinese alligators are part of the wild life that were a possible root of the dragon traditions.  There are only about 150 left in special preserves.  While they are shaped pretty much like the American variety, the coloring is different.  One island is where the majority of these creatures are hatched. There are a few folks that know when the eggs are due to hatch.  These people collect the hatchlings and raise them in a protected area for release.

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And then there is the cousin of the American grizzly, the Tibet brown bear.  I am thinking it may be a bad hair for this one.  Looks like maybe a panda or two may have co mingled with a grizzly from the markings.

In China there are all sorts of animals, reptiles and birds bearing similarities to inhabitants on this continent.  There is one exception that has stuck in my brain.
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Monkeys.  And China has monkeys that live even in cold, mountain climates not just the tropical areas.  North America, Europe and Australia all lack this animal in any naturally, wild form.  There are feral monkeys in Florida that are from monkeys that escaped for labs.  

So there you have it.  The sum total of my knowledge from 7 days on Netflix.  

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