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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Changing of the Guard  
When I think of the changing of the guard I usually think of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.  Gene and I watched this solemn ceremony during our 1992 trip celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.
Probably then next "changing" that comes to my meager mind is the ceremony at the palaces in England.  You know the one with the big hats, red coats and black suits.  The guards that tourists and pranksters are always bothering.

But there are lots of other people, both alive and dead that need to be guarded.  And Guards need rest breaks.  So I found a few other pretty showy guards during changing ceremonies.

So there is the Swiss Guard at the Vatican.   The guards for Korean Palace as well as the  Bangkok Royal Palace.

Bangkok Royal Palace
Korean Palace

Personally I love the pom poms on the shoes of the Greek Soldiers when changing the guards at the Greek Parliament Building and Tomb of the Unknown.  Pom poms on soldier's shoes.  Hmmmmm.  And tights..........  Stockholm's Royal Palace looks pretty average when compared to Pom Pomed shoes, assorted robes, striped pantiloons, just all sorts of ways to guard both the quick and the dead.
Greek Parliament Building

Royal Palace, Stockholm

Guards 1800-2012
Today we enjoyed the company of Charlie and Brenda.  We visited about each other's health.  I brought a few pictures unearthed in the recent Edna move.  Charlie noted they had found many similar photos while looking for displays for Aunt Lorene.  We spent a couple of hours recounting adventures at Grandma's Homeplace.  The North Dakota kids, the Drielings and various other off shoots of the Adcock tribe.  With no pomp, bands, rifle volleys or gazing tourists I was witnessing the passing of the baton of family traditions, love and connections to each other.  And the realization of the responsibility of carrying this forward to the next generation.  I was privileged to be in a small way a part of the Changing of the Guard.
Current Guards, 2012 - ?

Young Guards
Guards into the next century!
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