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Monday, March 26, 2012

I Really Should Not Make Comments

Dick Chaney's recent heart transplant has proven to be a source of fodder for anyone wanting to make a statement or joke.  I was reading through some of the comments on Yahoo! news.  I rarely type comments on things like this but the comments from the left and the right were just so mean.  I wrote the following:  May Mr. Chaney regain his health. As a Christian I pray for leaders of our nation. And I am one of the liberal idiots that believes the time for name calling and divisive rhetoric must stop.

Now I remember the futility of making comments.  A person responded that my prayers to satan had been answered.  I really do not believe all the name calling from either side nor the half truth emails are being at all constructive.  I do not like conflict probably because I have a terribly short temper.  I usually do not respond in the manner a Christian should to conflicts.

Over the last few days I have been catching up on some reading from the mission organization to which I belong.  The national organization is challenging each of us to rethink migration against the backdrop of scripture.  It is pointed out that Jesus' very life was threatened as a small child causing his parents to migrate to Egypt for a period of time. I read four of the magazines over the weekend and all challenged several of my precepts.  My brain hurts from all the input!

I have now made several trips outside the house now.  Today was evaluation at the outpatient clinic.  In addition to getting a good report as to my progress, I ran into an old friend from Litton days.  Betty is a few years away from retirement but Darrel, her husband, has just retired!  It is fun to see old friends in unexpected places.

Momma just called reporting on things in Texas.  She and my sister had visited my dad's grave and put out new flowers.  Daddy would have been 98 today.  With all the problems Dad had the last couple of years of his life, I know he is in a much better place.

To end today's blog, I think I will not make any more comments on Yahoo! or other places.  People do not want my opinion or any one's opinion except their own.  Most people want only mirror reflections of their opinions. That does not leave much room for meaningful dialogue or respectful disagreements.  Pretty sure none of the meaningful dialogue is going to happen in this election year.  And if the primaries have been an indication, no respectful disagreements.

Guess I should not expect much more since even God incarnate as a child had to be sneaked out of town to another country to avoid being killed.  Long deep breath of acceptance....

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