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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ice Cream Truck Days

Just saw a post on Facebook that the ice cream truck was running in some neighborhoods today.  I did not see them in our neighborhood while I was sunning myself.  Now would I have run after the truck/jeep had it been here?  Picture this.  65 year old woman with a walker charging after a vehicle begging for ice cream.  Did that make you smile?  Hope so.

I smiled today as I tooled around my back yard negotiating tricky rock walks, steps and leaf piles.  I was using what Darin, PT assistant, called the Cadillac of walkers.  Because the walker has a seat, I was able to park it, have a seat and pull a few weeds.  Darin cautioned me to not be squatting to pull weeds.  I almost fell out of the walker with laughter just thinking about my getting up from a squat.  Almost as funny as running after an ice cream truck.

Gene is slightly on the mend in that the deep cough is not quite as bad.  He is still a little feverish but too stubborn to call the doctor.  We managed to put together supper.  Now just to clean up from all the cooking.  So grateful for dishwashers and modern conveniences.  

Well, while walking in the yard today, it was a shock how the plants are so far along in developing.  Last year the wisteria had about 4 or 5 little bitty blossoms.  It appears to be a banner year again this spring for them as the vines are covered with buds.  And for the record there are daffodils, creeping phlox, Chinese rose and Lenten rose in bloom.  Rose bushes are setting buds.  This is all way too early.

The women's group at church makes apple pies each fall as a fund raiser for missions.  We depend on plenty of fresh apples to accomplish this task of making between 1,100 and 1,200 pies.  While apple pie ala mode will be good in the fall, ice cream trucks running in March do not bode well for apple blossoms. So here is hoping the Ice Cream Truck Days keep coming through the entire spring!

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