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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward

I do not care for the daylight savings time thing.  I know there are many persons who do like having more daylight in the later hours of the day.  They could achieve having lots of daylight by working nights or swing shift.  Well, it is not my decision to make but I will probably not be up by 8 any time soon.

So my spring sprung this morning and I have been pretty useless today.  Just walked about 2500 ft today.  Over did a little yesterday and so I'm a little sore in the joints other than the new knee.  Now I am watching "Ali" with Will Smith in the leading role.  Sure brings back a lot of memories about the 60's and 70's and the political and social strife during those times.  And people think the nation is in trouble now.

Today was rainy and still chilly to me.  But the earth was loving the rain.  It was needed.  And the yard did not need a clock to tell it that spring has sprung.  The Lenten rose has been blooming for several weeks.  Daffodil clusters greet folks coming to the front door of our home and the back beds are sprinkled with the clusters of yellow.  Buds are setting on the elm trees.  Tulip bulbs are sending up pointed leaves anticipating the later flowers.  Day lily leaves are appearing next to the creeping phlox.

And my bitter enemy is abounding.  Chick weed.  I can tell there is a battle in the making with the weed this year.  It has the upper hand with my recuperation still in progress.  Gene's dad's bitter enemy was the dandelion.  He made a device just to dig up the dandelion and its root.  His property was almost barren of dandelion flowers.

So I am all tired out from getting up to reset the clocks.  Think I'll turn in a little earlier than usual tonight, say midnight.  Maybe then I can spring from bed in time to see the noonday sun.
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