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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

U-verse & Me

At this moment I feel my television service is smarter than I am.  I am not sure there is much more to be said about that subject.  Well, except for the strings of expletives when I attempt to use the remote that has letters that require a magnifying glass to read.

I am not quite sure what possessed us to get a different service.  Maybe saving $20 a month was how it started.  Maybe it was the faster internet speed.  Could have been the 250 minutes on our phone so that my Mom can hear better when I call.  The change was made just before "The Surgery Week" as I've decided to just call that period of upheaval.

So now that the tax information for Edna is at the tax prep place;  my knee is healing nicely;  and we both are plainly calmer, Gene & I are beginning to have time to figure out the new features.  I can pretend we are figuring it out.  I spent several minutes setting up  my computer to be connected to the TV through the wireless hub.  The display was a small square, not as big as my laptop screen.  The names of the files were bigger than the picture.  Not impressed at all U-verse.

Just looked at the reduced bill.  LOL and ROF SCREAMING!!!  It is $75 higher than the "original" estimate at the time of the original order in January.  Guess Gene will be spending another 8 hours on the phone attempting to get this fixed.  Frankly there is just not much of any of the companies that provide programming, internet and phone services I trust.  None have to show the product in the home and prove it will work in my application.

We get to try on clothing and return for a refund.  We get to test drive cars.  Zappos will ship at no cost both ways shoes for us to try on in the convenience of our own homes.  Most electronic stores have a return policy at no charge.  But not the digital home service industry.

So it is down to just U-verse & me.  And the score is U- verse $219, me $0.

Let me see, is there something else I need to gripe about tonight?  Nope, not at the moment.  But the PT folks that have been coaching me have been terrific.  Thanks, Darin.
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