Friday, April 13, 2012

Col. Mustard in the Kitchen

The game "Clue" was a favorite for our son and me to play.  He could usually figure out the offender as quickly as me.  That well worn game is still in the cabinet in "his room".  That room that he stayed in only a few months for a couple of summers between college semesters at TCU.  He will tell me his "real room" is still at 102 W. Hadley.

Kinda funny how we moms assign rooms to certain kids even decades after the child has left home.  I left my parents home permanently in 1967 and Sissy in 1978.  While the rooms were called the blue and purple rooms by some of the family, my younger sis and I as well as my mom called them Janice's and Arlene's rooms till Mom moved in 2006.  While I had moved pretty much all my stuff out to my home in the 70's, there were a couple of Arlene's things in a closet in her room in 2006.

Adcock home place near
Miller, circa 1964
And this is something I have noticed that happened in Gene's family, also.  Certain rooms at the Adcock home place near Miller were the "girls' or boys'" rooms.  Those folks were in their 70's and gone from the home for 40 or 50 years.  Guess there is something of our DNA that must settle on the walls and the fiber of the rooms to keep them permanently marked.

Gene & Ken's room
under new owners
The thunder is rumbling in the distance tonight, Friday the 13th.  We are needing more rain than we have received today.  But I am not sure if I can get caught up on the yard work if we get very much rain.  I did some dusting and prepared a simple supper.  I was only on my feet for a couple of hours but that was enough to want to sit for a while.  Earlier I had cleaned the bathrooms and straighten the house a little and that required a sit down time with ice on the knee, too.

Yesterday after returning from physical therapy I had prepared a simple brunch for us.  Most of the afternoon was on the phone and computer working on people to sell spring fling tickets.  For dinner, Gene had thawed some burger patties.  I cooked the patties and we started putting the burgers together.  Gene decided one of the condiments would flow better if zapped in the microwave for a few seconds.  I was the first to open the bottle.  The contents promptly went everywhere except on the bread.

Yes, the stuff sprayed on the plate, floor, cabinet and even up the sleeve of my jacket.  Gene started giggling.  Well, I taught him and smeared the stuff on his face and beard.  He said it was even up his nose.  We giggled like a couple of kids.  Which condiment was it, well, it was Col. Mustard in the Kitchen.

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