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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

This day is significant in the life of Christians.  It is the day we remember the death of a young man almost 2000 years ago.  Some call this man Savior.  Others call him a hoax.  I call this presence in my life my Friend, Counselor, Creator and Lord.  I am not very good about giving accounts of how His presence has influenced me throughout my life.  

I grew up in a faith community.  Some of the faithful lived lives closely to the instructions in the guidebook of the faith, the Bible.  Me, well not so much so.  Oh, sure I had the times when I more closely lived the life to which I committed myself at 10 years old.  But the truth is that much of my life has not the reflection of the Love that was so generously poured out by the blood of the Lamb.

Tonight was the Good Friday service at our church.  Gene went to be with the young man he is mentoring during confirmation.  After the service the younger confirmation kids joined the youth in the vigil at the campfire.  Gene is a good man.  He is probably one of the kindest, giving, caring persons I have had the privilege of knowing.

So if I were to write my faith statement, I think that it would be something like this.  I believe in a Creator that wants us humans to live in a state of care and concern for each other.  And that we act on this care and concern by being "there" for each other.  We are called to listen, share, give, receive, cry, laugh, visit, call and help when needed. That is just a partial list of ways to care for each other.   As we give to one another and care for one another we are worshiping the Creator with all our commitment.  I believe the scripture in Genesis 1 that says the Creator put us in charge of caring for the creation.

Some of the women who were living their faith.  My Mom, Granny and some cousins in Chambersville.
May each of you take a few moments to think of your faith statement.  Here is praying you have a Good Friday.  
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