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Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Morning, Vietnam

The movie is on tonight.  Robin Williams is so young .... and hairy in this movie.  The story line is "loosely" based on an actual person, Adrian Cronauer, working to make life a little more bearable for the soldiers.  Cronauer was a DJ for the Armed forces Radio Service.  This DJ was not a favorite of his superiors due to irreverent behavior.

So many of my contemporaries spent time in Southeast Asia or the nearby oceans.  A young man who was one of my high school friends was shot down in North Vietnam.  He made it back to fight some more.  Several friends were in just as many grave situations as Larry.  Not a war that is held in the same reverence as WWI & II.  Like the Korean War/Conflict, not looked at as a war that required the honoring of the men and women serving.  Men and women giving their lives in defense of democracy.

It seems appropriate to take just a moment to thank all the folks that gave part of their lives to serve in the armed services.  With Memorial Day upon us, it is also most important to remember all those that did not make it back to their homes.

I would pray that we will all have safe travels this weekend.  That we will respect the freedom that democracy gives to us.  Let us not use the freedom of speech to spread hate, contempt and disrespect of a fellow human.  But for tonight I will just say, Good Night, Irene.  
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