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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oops, I Missed Mars Day

Well, I did not really miss Mars Day, Tuesday.  I was confused thinking Mars Day was Wednesday which everyone knows is Mercury Day.  Sure we do...  Back to the subject of Tuesday, Kenneth left early hoping to be back in Nashville before dark.  Oh, my, we have become so old we need to be home before dark.

Silicone slices being placed into
diffusion furnace.
Once Kenneth left, we tackled the living room furniture.  Before moving the stuff into the dining area, we disassembled the table.  That glass top is heavy!  So glad we have the glides to keep the weight off our bodies. But still, there are just not that many moves left in these old bodies I fear.  But we did get most of the stuff out of the living room in prep of the work around the fireplace.

Steps taking a silicone slice to integrated circuit.
The most exciting part of Tuesday was the arrival of the Dell in home service technician.  She replaced everything except the screen, case and battery in my Studio 1640.  I am a happy camper with this warranty repair.  She even allowed us to gawk at her during her work.  Pretty amazing to remember that I worked in the Integrated Circuits department for TI during the early years of the technology.  Makes it easier to understand how it all works together.
Integrated circuit chip.

Wow.  The parts and components are so small.  A long way from the tiny transistors my mom assembled at TI in the late 50's.  And even the integrated circuits that I worked to image in the mid 60's look like horse and buggy technology compared to these components.  We have Ma Bell to thank for the amazing development.  It will be amazing to see the next 20 years developments.

CCTV headquarters in China.
Gene has China TV news station on.  That certainly gives a different look at world events.  Now they are showing a sort of pickers Chinese style.  Kinda funny how no matter the heritage, some of us humans like to hold onto the past.  He may turn to the BBC for the US next.  Nope, watching Christies Chinese auctions.  And CCTV is now showing Beyonce's comeback after the childbirth.  Guess TV is what it is and people are what they are.

As for Mercury day, I spent the day loading drivers and software.  I filled the time during the software installations by continuing to empty the bookshelves, cleaning each item as I go.  My life is pretty boring by most standards.  But it suits me just fine, even if I occasionally misplace Mars day.
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