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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Pilgrims Progress is not something I have ever read.  We hear a lot about the need for progress in our nation, our world, our schools.  It is kinda hard to measure progress on such grand terms for this country gal.  And now some factions of political agendas are called progressives.  Hump, whatever that means.

While we were not terribly energetic today, but there was progress made on the list.  The office has its first coat of paint.  Brushed on to save paint.  I am certain in the light of early morning sun there will be lots of touchup to be done.  If not, then the remainder of the paint will go in the closet.  Then new paint on the ceiling.  May as well freshen up the entire room.

Tomorrow we take the computer in for the "rest of the story".  We were told it would take another 4 or 5 days for the Dell folks to make it.  Slowly progress in restoring the files and computer.  I will probably not be on line much till this computer is back on line for me.  It is easier to use this one than the other.  Listen to my belly aching over not getting my choice of our computers.  Good grief.  There are people, children, with nothing.  How can I even begin to complain.  I am such a spoiled resident of the United States.

Speaking of the United States, wonder why we have dropped that part of our country's name.  Really we in the US are only a part of America.  North, South and Central America could all just shorten to America.  When we pray, "God bless America", I wonder if God takes that as a prayer for all of the Americas or just  the US part of it.  Sometimes thoughts like that keep me awake in the wee hours of a day with little or no progress on my understanding.  Probably never gonna solve that mystery.

Anyway, while painting today I was able to climb the ladder easily. This is after mowing the yard yesterday.  Six months ago I would have been unable to walk without lots of pain after walking to buy groceries.  I sat in the floor and got up off the floor (all be it not very gracefully but still no cow hoist was needed).  The floor sitting was the first time since the new knee.  I could move the new knee and bend pretty good again with no pain.  Now that is real, measurable progress!

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