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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tomorrow will be a day for roots of all sorts.  After loosing our name on the list to be worked, the group from Ozark Outdoors will be here tomorrow afternoon to clean & trim the yard.  That is if it does not rain....  Things are sort of over grown out in the back yard.  I get to "direct" a group of guys as they get the vegetation to a point that maybe I can manage the remainder of the summer.

I really over did the planting in our back yard.  It is more of a jungle of vegetation than a restful retreat.  What with the mole damage to walkways and a rock patio, I am feeling disgusted with it all.  So how to turn this into something I can maintain is a challenge.  We have discussed removing a couple of trees. That will increase the sun.  More sun probably would mean more work weeding.  The weeding is not necessarily the issue.  I do think that mulch, 6 inches, please, would make everything look more polished.  Oh, well, some day I will get it figured out maybe.

We have 12 days to get the painting and repairs to the wall done.  As slow as we are that may not be enough time!  At least we will not be having quality inspections by anyone except ourselves.  And at this point our standards are only as good as the last glasses prescription.

What other roots could there be?  Family roots.  Cousin Trecil Don is coming in tomorrow morning.  He and Gene are going on a tombstone adventure to graveyards in Lawrence and Dade County.  Adcock roots run deep in that area.  The hills surrounding the old homestead were called Adcock hills by the old timers.  The Adcocks lived on those hill from 1873 till Willis and Trecil passed on August 1, 1988.  Roots.
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