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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I've Lost My Mind

That must be it.  I have lost what little mind I had left.  This morning I awoke at 5:15 AM.  It was obvious that it was not a sort of drowsy, open eyes, roll over and go back to sleep for another hour.  Nope, it was a full blown, I need to get a list of things done, panic awakening.  So I crawled out of bed, donned paint clothing and began mixing paint.  I was able to cut in about half of the ceiling in the office.

Now that does not sound like much, I know.  But I was working with a small 1.5" x 2.0" pad.  Why, you would ask if you were here, are you using something like that?  Have you lost your mind?  Well, it is like this.  The popcorn ceiling is a pistol to paint.  While the pressure roller is great, I do not have enough paint for that method.  I am covering areas where the paint was too light during the roller work done last week as well as around the edge of the ceiling.

If you see a spare mind that looks like something I could use, pick it up and I pay you for it asap.
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