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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Golden Years

The journey of life is different for everyone.  Another one of my earthshaking statements that we all already know.  But as I watch my mother and mother in law progress on their separate paths it looks like all of us wind up at the same waiting room as we near the end.  Yes, the rooms may be in different locations with different curtains but it sure feels the same.

The room is full of shades of confusion, loneliness, remembering in various shades of accuracy and emotions ranging from love to anger, sadness to joy.  And then there are the tears.  Tears of sadness for lost youth, lost loved ones, lost mobility and lost health.  The stuff and places of their lives are in their minds though not always in a way they can identify in a picture.

Gene is so glad to have his office pretty much back together.  All electronics are wiped down and squeaky clean.  Woodwork is polished.  Even the closet is cleaned up giving more room.  The back of my car is filling up with Salvation Army donations as a result of all this sorting and cleaning.  We even did a couple of changes to the temporary living area in the dining area.  Now we each have a table at our end of the sofa.  And we can watch TV from the sofa if we both move close enough together.  Yep, sitting together on the sofa.

We even snuggle occasionally as we enjoy vinegar and salt potato chips.  Well, we call it snuggling as we bump hands reaching for the last chip.  We have decided that we surely are in The Golden Years.

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