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Monday, July 16, 2012

MHS Class of '65 is Turning 65 Celebration!

In Texas at the time I started school a student had to be 6 by August 31 or wait to the next school year.  As a result of this outdated law, there are a lot of 1965 graduates turning 65 this year.  I achieved the landmark last December 4.  While I graduated from Allen High School, I attended more years of school in McKinney.  Most all my Chambersville elementary friends graduated from McKinney High.  

Tonight finds me sitting in my living room watching the Brewers and Cards playing ball.  After several sort of busy, crazy weeks of everything from vacations to tearing up tiles it sure feels good to just sit.  I even took a short nap this afternoon after running errands at mid day.   Even taking some time to cruise Facebook where I am reminded of a '65 class reunion for McKinney graduates.  I like this use of Facebook.

I look longingly at the celebrations that are being planned for the class of '65 this fall in McKinney.  Familiar names show up on the friends list that entice me to read posts.  Don Bourland posts a tribute to the members of that class that have passed away.  Two were casualties in Vietnam but most have passed in the last ten or so years.  Faces and names of friends and acquaintances from what seems like a different person's life.

In the mid 60's Friday morning in the fall was a special time for McKinney High.  Classes would assemble in the new auditorium with its plush, theater style seats in Lion Blue for the Pep Rally.  Seniors in front, Juniors next, Sophomores in back on the lower level.  Freshmen were relegated to the balcony.  But we were around 400 strong back in the fall of 1961.  The Baby Boomer generation known as the class of '65 was the largest class at the time.  "We're the greatest class alive, senior class of '65" would almost vibrate the walls as the classes would attempt to out shout each other with our class yells.

Faubion Middle School was McKinney High in 1965
I would love to spend a weekend with this group of childhood friends.  Just as I would have loved to have seen my classmates from Allen a few weeks ago.  But as so many times before, I will send regrets.  Choices have to be made as to the number of trips we make.  So the choice would be see old friends or be with our grandsons for Thanksgiving.  So, sorry past friends, I have to choose the present.  But I will hold in my heart all of you MHS Class of 65'ers turning 65.

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