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Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Rain, No Pain, No Gain

It is sad looking in the countryside and even lawns in town these days.  I am watering my back yard garden beds every other day.  I keep trying to get the timers to work but am not terribly successful at that.  I am afraid there are a couple of shrubs in the front that we may lose due to the lack of rain.  I failed to notice how dry they were in time to get them properly watered.

I cannot imagine what it is like in places like the Horn of Africa or some of the farms and dairies here locally. I know the rain will come eventually.  Just know there will be some loss before it comes.  Still it is easier to get water than when I was a kid on the farm in Texas.

Rather than get all backward looking tonight it is time to give a Gene update.  He saw the doctor's assistant today as a follow up from last week's visit to the ER and doctor's office.  The cellulitis is pretty much cleared up after one round of antibiotics.  His staples are out and little steristrips are all that is holding the incision together.  We thought I recovered quickly but Gene is doing even better than I did.  We will be taking walks together again soon!

Gene has had PT here at home until yesterday.  Now tomorrow he begins outpatient therapy at the Sports Medicine place.  We will see if he enjoys the Game Ready as much as I did.  Gene sure has liked the electric ice pack machine here at home.  Kept me busy making, buying and borrowing ice for the thing.  He was one hot dude!

I even hauled Gene to Walmart today after the doctor visit.  He noted there was still some pain but nearly so much as when we were shopping at Target with the grandsons!  So 16 days from surgery Gene was feeling better than one week before surgery.

Even with no rain, there is very little pain.  This is really a gain!
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