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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Momma's Letter

My mother for over 90 years of her life had the most beautiful penmanship.  But one of the falls that caused her to break her right wrist has changed all that.  It is painful for her to write and that beautiful penmanship is not longer at its peak.  But last week our son received a multi page letter from her.  He was so pleased and honored to receive this treasure.  He noted the decline and that he could almost feel the pain she was in while writing.

Yesterday we received a card from Mom.  There are still traces of the beautiful, cursive pen work.  And at its worst the writing is better than most folks I know.  I know my hand can no longer write with the same accuracy as even 10 years ago.  Of course, I guess my loss could be just a lack of practice.

The reason for Mom's card was not a postal visit but a request.  She included half of a photo from 1937.  My oldest sister is in the picture as a toddler in Daddy's arms.  Momma, Margaret and Daddy are all dressed to the nines.  Momma had asked if we could maybe fix the picture, increase the size and print for her.  Of course she would pay for all costs.  Really.

Wish she would realize that just seeing the picture of my young parents and toddler sister is priceless.  And the gold is seeing the handwriting one more time in my Momma's Letter.

That is Mom's handwriting for a few years back.
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