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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Not sure much more needs to be said but I probably will say more.  We received rain on Saturday evening.  This afternoon we experienced a slow rain for a couple of hours.  And the temperature dropped significantly.  Right now it is about 71 degrees.  Quite the change from a week ago for sure.

We sealed the fireplace tiles earlier today.  Hope I did it correctly as they are still a little tacky this evening.  It is looking good at any rate.  Pleased to have the majority of this project in the rear view mirror!  Now to get busy getting all the woodwork polished up and ready for the carpet install on Tuesday.

There are a couple of distractions from focusing on getting things back in place in the living room.  String algae in the river and pond is creating quite the mess.  So part of tomorrow will be spent unhooking the pump and filter to the pond.  Then removing part of the water from the river and pouring in some good old algaecide in just the river.  After about 24 hours, will suck out the water, remove any remaining debris, give another 24 for the chemicals to dissipate, clean filter media and pond bottom then restart the system.  Oh, yes, we will be adding 300 biospheres (little gizmos to help with the filtration of all the fish and tree droppings) to the main filter tank.  Hope all this helps.

Second problem is transportation.  Neither one of our vehicles would start today.  The Jeep had not been driven in several weeks so its battery had lost its charge.  A simple trickle charger got this up and going.  Then Gene was "forced to drive the Jeep around a little."  Not sure who forced him cause he was gone before I even knew the Jeep was running!

My car has around 208,000 miles and is getting pretty tired.  I either bought bad gas or the fuel injectors or not functioning properly.  I really would like to drive the car a couple more years just because.  Maybe I am just cheap but I would like to say it lasted for 20 years.  1995 model is getting close to the mark.

But for tonight, I think I will just be very thankful for Gene's continuing improvement.  I mean he is already driving!  And very thankful for a really good rain.
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