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Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Much Tonight

Fridays this time of year are for making a dry mixture for pie dough for apple pies.  That lasts for only a couple of hours when there are plenty of workers.  There were plenty of workers this morning but we ran out of Crisco.  Lucky we had some dry mixture left from Tuesday night.

Came home with energy to get more done.  Not not more dough for pies but more cleaning.  So my knee was up for some laundry, washing windows and screens.  Before installing the screens might as well polish the wood trim.  And that one last blind in the guest room could use a washing.  Done and crossed off the list.

Off to the doctor to have Gene's INR checked.  Doc gives a thumbs up and a prescription for knee high compression hose to help the swelling.  Doc seems pretty sure the right ankle is probably where the clot originated.  There is a lot of varicose veins in that area of Gene's leg.  TMI......

Aldi still has those tasty black grapes at a good price.  So we stopped to restock grapes and a few other items.  Grabbed a burger deal at Burger King and headed home.  Now it has been recliner time for me for a couple of hours.

This has to be the most boring blog in the cloud.  Oh, well, I warned you, not much tonight!
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