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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


If you have been following this blog, you will know that I belong to a group of women that focus on mission.  Mission can take the form of helping the next door neighbor or our neighbors across the world.  In order to fund the monetary commitment to missions the group makes and sells apple pies.  This time of year when apples are harvested is when the pies are made.

Tonight as the group of women and men were peeling apples the conversations were enjoyable.  The process of peeling, cleaning bruised areas and slicing apples is not a high thought process.  There is time for talking and visiting with the other workers.  Getting to know folks that I have worked with on other projects is fun.  There is always the "what kind of work a person does or did" conversations.  Do you have a family?  How many kids if any?  Are you native to Springfield or Missouri?

Answers to these queries let me see into the person's life.  Areas where our lives run parallel or areas that were vastly different.  Knowing more about the faces I see in church and around town.  The group is mixed in ages.  Younger folks that are still out there fighting the good fight each day.  Older folks that are fighting the bodies that are not always as cooperative as we might like.

Getting to show an adolescent a trick about rolling pie dough.  Or possibly learning a new trick from that same adolescent is a bonus for this senior citizen.  And possibly at the same apple peeling table may be the person we are showering with birthday cards for her 90th birthday.  I like to call the mixture of generations working together cross-generational pollination.

Pie making and making new acquaintances is what is going on in my life.  So, person visiting my blog, "What'sup?"

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