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Monday, October 22, 2012

Channel Flipping

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Since my husband is a dyed in the wool St. Louis Cardinals fan, tonight is not the best of times.  Oh, well, it is just a game and there will be another year.  I have really enjoyed watching Yadier Molina this year.  His heart is always in the game!  And who can complain about this year's performance with first time general manager, Mike Matheny leading the team this deep into playoffs.  Yes, it has been a pretty good season, all and all.  Not perfect by any means but still a good run.

Richard Perry/The New York Times
Gene was in control of the remote so until the presidential candidate debate ended we were switching between, in my opinion, the bad and the ugly.  I am not a fan of the debates as by definition they are people arguing.  Limited information to help undecided persons make an informed decision.  Oh, well, obviously most folks just love a fight!  But the Cards do not seem to have any fight left in them tonight.

Gene has relinquished the remote.  Think that instead of flipping channels, I'll select the science channel special series I recorded earlier today.  I will just lose myself in the world of paleontology.  Dinosaurs are just the ticket to help me add some good to the bad and ugly earlier options during all the channel flipping.

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