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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cool Autumn Days

Today was a busy day for me mainly because I have over committed myself for about the next 3 weeks.  Then I look at the calendar and realize this is probably not going to slow down until the first good snowfall causes meeting cancellations.  That will not happen for a while.

We replaced just about the last piece of the damage caused by the leaking fireplace.  The old fireplace screen had rusted beyond repair.  I mean literally the bottom edge was crumbling.  After several hours of surfing the net and visiting local fireplace supply companies I had found a unit to meet our needs and budget.  This screen was one of the search results on listed as "others from .."

We were really pleased to find the style and size the fits nicely with the design of the tile.  And what made it even better was we could buy it through a store in Ash Grove.  Yes, a store in Ash Grove is selling items on Amazon.  How cool is that!?!  Ordered late on Monday, received in Wednesday's shipment and confirmed as ready for pickup this morning!

Ash Grove tribute to the city's railroad heritage.

Now all we needed was a drive to Ash Grove to pick up the screen.  Gene was like a kid on Christmas morning knowing we were planning a Jeep trip.  So even though it was cloudy with a chance of rain and 50 something, who cares?  The doors and windows are back on the Jeep and we are good to go!!!  A couple of more trips are on the horizon.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to get all the have to's done so I can fully enjoy these trips.

There was a special, nostalgic feeling on this cool autumn day walking into the store in Ash Grove.   There were several customers in the modestly sized hardware store.  Most of the customers were laughing and visiting with each other.  The owners were greeting customers by their names.  As the sales were rang up by the owners they were asking about projects of the customers.  I felt as if I had just walked into Bailey Dickerson's general store in Weston, circa 1955.

What made it even more special was as we were checking we asked about the online sales.  Well, it appears the parents work the main room with the assistance of a couple of folks.  These helpers float back and forth to the stock rooms and lumber area as needed.  A son is working the stock and lumber part of the operation.  Online sales are done by a granddaughter from her home.

It was good to see this reaffirmation that the American dream is alive.  Family businesses adapting to the needs of a computer savvy generation.  A picture on facebook from my great nephew's football game with both teams on their knees praying for an injured player.  Hopes, dreams, futures, caring and sharing.  I am still a believer in this world that God has given us.  And the things I experienced today helped me know I will meet the challenges of the next few weeks.  All and all it has been one of the coolest autumn days ever.

Ash Grove mural picture from

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