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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cow Pies

Most of my life I have not been a people person.  I am a people person maybe 1% of the time.  The other 99% I am just skating on the edge of offending folks.  I have used all sorts of books, mental health professionals and bent the ears of the few people that are willing to put up with me.  And I still wind up stepping in the middle of the only cow pie in a two square mile area.

No matter how hard I try to avoid offending folks, I seem to accomplished it without even realizing I am heading to that abyss again.  I did notice the problem almost immediately on one occasion.  The second offense was slow in coming.  I am way to opinionated.  Self-centered in how I view circumstances, just from my point of view.

One would think a smart person could learn a lesson.  So I am either not smart or so stubborn and hard headed I just will not learn.  People tell me I am smart and stubborn.  Guess it is time to get over myself and follow the leader, quietly, watching for cow pies.
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