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Monday, October 1, 2012

Trying Something New

At my age, sliding downhill toward 66, trying something new is a bit more of a challenge than 40 years ago. At 26 a new job was little more of a decision than new shoes or a new hair style. At almost 66, just changing the location of the spoons in the spoon slot of the drawer can be mind blowing.

Mind blowing is a term from the hippie movement years. While I had long hair in the late 60's/early 70's that was about as rebellious as this southern girl could be. Gene and I, when many folks our age were dropping acid and doing LSD trips, well, we were leaders for the youth group at our little church. Hippie as a description of me applied to my posterior more than my world view.

Gene and I both were employed by military/industrial companies engaged in supplying armaments and/or equipment to our military during the cold war. And that little conflict over in Southeast Asia called the Vietnam War paid more than a few house payments for the Collinwood Acres house in Texas.

All those memories are now just stuff from a long time ago in a galaxy/state far, far away. Today, 40 years later my attempting to blog and become part of the blogger world is requiring me to use "the little grey cells" to quote Agatha Christie's Poirot. My little grey cells are mostly atrophied. It has been only ten years since I left a computer graphics job. But atrophy happens quickly.

All of this is just to say I am attempting to begin linking with other bloggers. I will get it figured out one way or another. It may be trial and error, frowns and an occasional frustrated long, deep breath.  But I will get it figured out finally. It will be working great and I will be so pleased with my accomplishment of a new task. Then the smart, young 20 something programmer out in Google bloggerland will turn my world upside down by changing some little format. Doing what all 20 somethings do with such ease, just trying something new!
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