Monday, November 5, 2012

Red, White and Blue

As we come up to this election day, I have been avoiding all the news programs.  I find the ads during regular programming to be aggravating instead of informative.  So full of junk, name calling and just plain uncivilized language.  While I have a political affiliation, I do not have the need to destroy the opponents.

It did get me to thinking about our nation's flag and how the media has tagged certain states red or blue.  I began to wonder where the white is in all this.  The white makes up an equal amount of the flag.  It "holds" the red together as well as highlighting the blue field of our flag with the star for each state of the union.

None of the white stars are bigger that the others.  All states are equal in the flag making all 50 important to the makeup of the flag and our nation.  The red and white stripes are equal in width and length.  While there is one more stripe of red, the field of stars seem to make up the difference.

So while I might lean to the right or left, I feel like I belong to the "white" portion of the flag.  The part willing to compromise for the common good.  The part of the population the puts our shoulders to the grindstone of life.  Even as a retired persons or young children, the part that are living, loving and giving care to one another.  You know the part that is in the middle holding the whole nation together.

God has blessed this nation with so much.  Let us not fall short in the appreciation and handling of our blessings.
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