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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Put Away

Christmas came down.  Only a few sprigs of greenery and a couple of wreaths to brighten the bleak days.  Penguins and snowmen will stay until I pull down a few Valentine items.  The tree still has to be put in the box and I am too tired to do it tonight.  I sit down in my recliner to rest for a bit.  That is when I see that thing up in the air hanging from the sconce.  The crystal teardrop with glitter covered  mistletoe.  Nine feet above the floor.  It is heavy and will require moving the sofa.  And bringing in the step ladder.

It just seems like there is always one last thing that missed the put away.  It will stay up for a while longer.  I think I will let the mistletoe work for Valentine kissing.
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