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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sometime I Should Be Arrested

Second Blooming
The assignment or challenge for the week from Gretchen's Spin Cycle is 'sometime'.  Sometime pop over to Second Blooming to read other's take on sometimes.

I awoke this morning with the word on my mind and wondering how I might approach the subject.  Sometimes I think too much.  Sometimes I simply do not think at all, usually just before I say something stupid or hurtful.

Sometimes the day before this retired person seems full of promise of fun or lunch with a friend.  Sometimes the days are an abyss of laundry, vacuuming or dirty toilets.  Sometimes the days are preplanned, commitment filled crowed shopping days.

Sometimes I think about really awful things I have done.  Like when this one guy at work would not shut up about George Wallace and his outstanding character.  Sometimes other people need to learn to shut their traps around me when I ask them to do so.  It took three or four men, strong men to pull me off Tim that day.  Sometimes I should have been arrested or at least fired.  Sometimes, that time, enough other people shared my view and nothing happened.

Sometimes I think about just filling in the small pond in my back yard.  Sometimes I do not want anything but cold cereal for meals for several days.  Sometimes I think I will go on a weight reduction plan.  Sometimes I actually have.

Sometimes I have really great ideas.  Sometimes the plans are carried through.  Sometimes I think about the virgin birth.  Sometimes I think about the cross.  Sometimes I will think about the weighty ideas of creation.  Then sometimes my mind is consumed about which is the best dental floss.
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