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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Updating stuff

We have been updating some of our furniture.  Gene's old recliner was so big, we would have to move it out of the room to have room for extra chairs for gatherings.  In addition, we had given our son a hand made rocker last year.  We took it down with us on the Jeep, sort of like Beverly Hillbillies style.  John Roger was mortified to think we had pulled up to the Adolphus hotel with a rocker strapped on top.

We did not have the rocker on top but under a tarp on the hook 'em up device.  The device is a trailer hitch cargo hauler.  We let John Roger believe the rocker on top for a while because we just mess with him some.  He came to visit during his internship during grad school.  We convinced him he kept us awake with his snoring. 

There was the time my folks were visiting.  My dad always joked that his teeth came from the undertaker.  Daddy and I had thirteen year old John Roger convinced Granddad had used teeth.  My mom told him the truth. 

Anyway, we are sitting in our new chairs enjoying a fire.  Women are coming on Thursday and I will not have to re arrange the room.  No kidding.

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