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Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Snow!

Fence posts along Interstate 29, South Dakota border, 2007.
I just read a comment on a blog about snow piles as deep as a mailbox.  After a moment with that picture in my mind I am so glad there is no snow in my yard.  Just daffodils reaching for the sun.

In 2007 we made a trip to North Dakota to attend a March 3, fiftieth wedding anniversary.  We had rented a car that was a compact.  Gene's 6'2" frame was not happy with the car.  He was especially unhappy about no cruise control.  But I digress.  We hit a snow storm.  Interstates were closed.  We spent about 13 hours driving about 100 miles.  It was whiteout conditions with no place to stop.  I was terrified.  Gene was tense.  Gene seldom gets tense.

We made it to the anniversary party.  On the return trip home I made a couple of pictures of somebody's dreams from long ago.  That is a photo book I want to publish some day, "Somebody's Dreams".  I will probably only get a blog post done on it.  Just for the record my dreams do not include snow.
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