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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things I Keep Doing

This week the Spin Cycle topic is "Things I Keep Doing".  Especially the things that no longer need to be done or have no return in value sort of things.

Neat freak.  Being almost borderline OCD I must keep drawers, shelves, lawn equipment neat and orderly.  Seems to save time when looking for things.  The return on that investment has diminished as I tend to forget why I went into a room now.  But I am pretty sure I will continue to fold my underwear in neat stacks and placed in neater stacks in drawers.  And rearrange untidy placements in my husband's dresser drawers.  And sort the flatware into the two designs in separate stacks.  And become irritated when the hoe is not on the proper nail in the outbuilding.

Not just gracefully receiving a compliment.  That is one thing that is almost impossible to do.  It does not matter if it is about something I have made, something  I said, a meal I prepared or, well, anything....  I am working on this but regularly fall back into self deprecation as a response.  I respond to a compliment on a new haircut by saying I am too cheap to have a hairdresser, I just cut it myself.  Just say thanks!  A compliment this last Sunday about being good with organization was not met not with an appropriate, "How kind of you to say that."  No, I fumbled around and finally a barely audible "Praise God" was my answer.

Apologizing.  This the thing I do that bugs my son to the point he reproves me when I do it.  Something for which I have no responsibility goes badly and I must say, "I'm sorry".  Yep, apologizing for everything from my house to the Civil War and slavery.  What my ancestors did to the Native Americans is still my fault no matter what anyone says.  I feel the need to apologize for everything that is wrong and I am not even Catholic or Jewish.  I am sorry if that last sentence offends my Jewish or Catholic friends and readers.

Cracking inappropriate jokes.  And will never stop cause this world does not laugh nearly enough.  This is from the Grandma of the Middle Grandson that told me I look like the old silver back gorilla when I bend over.  You decide.  I make no apology.  I say thanks in advance for any compliments about my observant grandson or my posture!!

I am not certain what the rectangle shape on my butt is.

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