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Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am really lazy again tonight.  I managed to make it through most of the meetings and contacts today.  But by the time I returned home, made calls, received calls and checked some emails, I was done.  So with Gene being otherwise involved I watched some TV.  Well, until these fleshy things covered my view holes.  A loud snorting noise startled me awake.  I looked for Gene but realized the sound had emitted from me.  As well as the sliver of droll on the right side of my chin.  And now just a few hours later all I can do is yawn.

According to the internet a yawn is a reflex of inhaling air and (get this) stretching your eardrums at the same time.  Say what?  Is this yawning/eardrum stretching thing something you knew about?  It is news to me.  And there is even a word for yawning and stretching your arms at the same time, pandiculation.  Really.  Someone decided there needed to be a special name for yawning and stretching at the same time.

What other things we do as humans and animals do that need special names?  And does the word have to not even look anything like the actions we are naming?  Sure, what the heck.  Since one of the reasons researchers have found to be a reason we yawn is we are bored, I'll give this action thing a try.

  • Putting on socks and shoes.  Toediculation.  No, that sounds like some nasty foot sex fetish thing.  I'll come back to that.
  • Answering a phone.  Hidiculation.  Okay, the "dicula" makes me thing dirty thoughts.
  • Driving a car.  Motorvation
  • Answering a phone while driving a car.  Hidiculation motorvation
  • Typing a blog while watching TV and sitting in an easy chair.  Flatbuttation
  • Listening to sports radio.  Yawn.
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