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Monday, May 6, 2013


After being in the middle of planning an event and then executing the event with the help of dozens of people there is a let down.  My 1995 Lincoln apparently is tired after all the work, too.  Yesterday when I rolled down the window on the driver's side, there was this strange sound.  Okay, I sort of just ignored the noise.  At least I ignored it till it was time to roll it up and the darling  glass fell inside the door.

So now I have a choice of either of four things

  1. spending too many dollars on a window that works in a car that has 211,000 miles
  2. spending a few dollars on a roll of clear tape and just taping the window into the door
  3. spending too many dollars on a replacement door of a different color, you know the white trash look
  4. spending some dollars and letting a mechanic place the window in a condition that it at least stays closed
It looks like one of last year's unfulfilled Christmas wishes may get filled this year.  You know the one where I wished for a new car.  Well, that will not happen for the one I wished for last year.  I will be pretty happy with a Ford hybrid that gets really good mileage.  Sometime in the next few months, maybe......

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