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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moms the Word

From her womb we all emerge
Pushed into a world of uncertainty
But always held in her heart by love.

Momma, seated surrounded by two daughters, two sons in law and one grandson

My Mom's mother.

Daddy's mother, Anna Mae, along with his dad, Aunt Cordie and her husband, circa 1915.

Momma is the stylin' lady in the spectator heels.  I am next to her with sister Suzie in the back.  Aunt Opal is in shorts and Granny Chandler is on the steps.  Yella, my dog from my Uncle Claydie is behind me.

Momma, me and Aunt Opal snuggled together on a ski lift during our "Yellowstone Trip" in the summer of 1950.

Momma sitting in her favorite chair in her living room in her precious home in Allen, Tx.  Did I mention she is a fourth generation Texan that thinks all that cession talk is, "Just plain stupid, damn Republicans/".?

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