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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday and Froggy Goes a Courtin'

Last night we made a spreadsheet of tasks to complete before we feel we can put the house on the market.  The list has 48 line items.  Today we did 3 from the list and about 5 that were not on the list.  Guess that means that at this rate most of the list will be completed in 16 days.  If I were more energetic, I would fall out of my chair laughing at that thought.

If one analyzes the list, one notices things like rebuild the water feature "river"  That task alone will take 3 days and another 3 days just to recuperate!  But there are other less time demanding items on the list like, carry chair to garage.  That seems easy enough.  Unfortunately the first line item under 3rd garage is something along the line of move crap to have room to move more crap into the garage.  And while we are moving we are sorting.

I currently could not take anyone anywhere in my car.  The trunk is not full but is certainly almost there with items to go to two different organizations.  The back seat has contains items for two other locations.  The front passenger seat has stuff for three meetings this week.  Somehow tomorrow I will need to find room for a dish I am taking to a pot luck for sorority.  It is, also, secret sis revealing evening which means gifts to carry along as well as the TBD pot luck dish.  Pretty sure the dish will be lucky to get made here at home.  It may be made by the lucky folks at the deli.

In the midst of all the ruckus of getting the house ready for selling, spring has finally sprung.  The annual ritual has begun, our resident frogs are courting.  The water feature is the perfect place for Mr. Froggy to sit and serenade all the Ms. Frogs in the neighborhood.   Before long our pond will have sacks of eggs, then barely visible hatch-lings.  Tadpoles will follow.  That is what few that are not consumed by the hungry goldfish still in the pond.  Eventually a few frogs will make it out of the water to sing for another year.

Sitting in my easy chair with the window open Mr. Froggy's serenade is lulling my mind into a state of calmness.  The thought occurs to me of the next owners of Mr. Froggy.  Will they enjoy his serenade or just think of it as an irritating noise?  I know tonight I took note of one more unexpected ritual that will not be part of our lives.  Well, at least not until we build a habitat for Mr. or Ms. Froggy's Texas cousin.

One of Mr. Froggy's cousins singing a love song.

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