Friday, May 31, 2013

Relaxation, It's A Good Thing

Dear Martha,
For years I have been accused/complimented about being like Martha Stewart.  I will assure you I was never a model .... anything.  I have been able to take a sow's ear and make it into something that looked, well, not like a sow's ear.  And the not a sow's ear was a good thing.

While some folks, who shall remain unnamed, have seen me as lazy others have seen me an overachiever. Statements upon seeing my back yard include beautiful, a jungle, over done, relaxing, too much, just perfect.  So far as we were concerned it was a good thing.  Till the moles moved in anyway.

Now, Martha, with all the TV shows telling us how our homes should look as we live in them and then as we sell them, I have been feeling like the shows were not a good thing.  We have been working pretty hard getting things "show ready".  We were both pretty worn down and that was not a good thing.  But, thank God, the rains came, friends had lunch together, we slept in and cousins came to visit.  For the last 36 hours we have relaxed more than in the last 63 days.  Martha, relaxation is a very good thing.

Restfully yours,

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