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Monday, May 20, 2013

Spreadsheet Countdown

While the number of items has come down by about two thirds, it seems there are tons of things to do that are not really part of the initial get ready list.  Line item clean out clothes sounds simple enough.  One must select the times one can live without for the rest of your natural life.  Things like the size 12 dress you fit into for two months then regained the weight ....  twelve years ago.  Let go of the dress, let go of the pipe dream.

Once one has completed the initial, emotionally charged selection of clothing to give away, one must then tote to said give away location.  It turns out that the young folks at Rare Breed probably do not need the size 12 wool, 3 piece suit.  Nor the "going to a formal wedding" sparkly size way to big sapphire blue old lady dress.  So the clothing from Gene and me winds up being sorted into not one, not two but 4 different places to donate for best needs match.

With a 9:30 AM meeting on the north side of town, we mapped out a route to make all four locations in a relatively short time.  This route would be followed to get us back home in time to meet with the Smooth Transitions lady at 1:00 PM.  We did not allow for the fact that some of the places are almost hidden from sight to accommodate the surrounding neighborhoods.  Time added.  We, likewise, did not know one location had started being closed on Mondays.  So that delivery must now be done on the way to the doctor's office on Thursday.  I was really ready for my car to not appear to belong to a homeless person with every possession in the back seat.  Oh, well.

In the process of unloading some of the bags at Bill's Place, I uncovered the dog paraphernalia.  I had forgotten it was back there in the trunk.  Darn we were within a mile of the shelter when we left the meeting.  Now I get to take the dog stuff back across town to the animal shelter.

Here is today's status.  Trunk almost empty except for the dog stuff.  Back seat still has Plaid Door clothing drop, spa supplies for Linda Q. to store, one bulging bag of books and pamphlets for UMW.  Gene's Jeep has developed a split in the radiator.  He drove my car to get $4 + gas and the driver's side glass fell out of the grove, again.  My mom had to be put in the hospital and will have hip surgery when they get her over the bladder infection.  We marked one line item off the list.

My family members that are spread across Oklahoma are again all unscathed in the recent tornado out break.  I have a roof over my head and my son and grandsons are not underneath the remains of schools, businesses and homes.  In all the day, it is a day filled with sorrows and blessings.  Just another day on planet earth.
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