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Monday, June 24, 2013


The duties of elder care are wearing.
I stood in the bedroom containing
the furniture of my teen years.
Drawers to be emptied once again.
First the drawers contained my youthful items.
Then empty for a while till my return before marriage.
Now filled with unfinished projects of my Mom's. 
Half finished dresses, Amish dolls and other dreams.
While the drawers are empty tonight I wonder,
Are they weary of the changes?
Will they sag under the weight of Mom's
last remaining possessions?
After the weeks of thinning out
my own cabinets, closets and drawers,
I am feeling weary.  Weary from making
decisions for the remaining treasures of living.
Be sure, I am not weary of the living.
Tomorrow brings grandsons Middle and Youngest
for a visit.  Together with their dad, my precious son,
we journey to Missouri.
 In Missouri these Texans will begin
to sort the treasures from their dad's
growing up years.  An attic full of
Star Wars, collections and trains.
So different drawers, different dressers,
New chests, boxes and trunks will begin a new life.
A life with those still full of hopes,
Ready to gather their treasures of life.

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