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Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Audience?

This week a daughter by another mother realized I do this blog thing.  This sweet person asked in all sincerity who was the audience I was trying to reach with my blog.  Deer in headlights was surely the look she saw in my eyes.  Crap, am I actually supposed to be writing for some group specifically?   A short reflection time, like three seconds, and the only answer was 'me'.   That is a pretty specific group with unusually low standards for writing.  Well, no wonder no one wants to read the silly stuff!  I write for myself.  Good thing I am not trying to have sponsors and stuff.

Most of the blogs I visit are women young enough to be my children and even younger.  There they are writing about trying to keep themselves sane while 'raisin' their children.  Or writing to enhance their writing skills in the dream of publishing a book.  Some have published books.  Others have received recognition and awards for their blogs.  These are some really amazing younger women that I enjoy cheering along in their life quest.  By that  cheering it means I occasionally leave a comment.

Comments from an women older than I made the difference in my life more than once.  Whether is was wise counsel from Kay Golding, Audrey Kelley, Millie Womack, my Granny Chandler, Amy Heiston or one of the hundreds of other influences in my life, it made a difference.  There were persons from the faith communities, women from work, members of my family that had just the right words at just the time needed.

As I sit in the room with two grandsons and a friend, listening to the giggles I wonder who else is encouraging young women.  Few of us live in total isolation.  All of us need encouragement at times.  Be she a sister with a gravely ill son, a sister working to care for an elderly relative, a friend facing uncontrollable life changes or the blogger trying to make it through another day.

I challenge anyone that comes across this blog to encourage female and male, young and old, friend or stranger.  And I thank Andi for asking me the question, "Who's your audience?"

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