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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not Much But Playing In The Yard

This is the most boring blog on the internet.  That's cause I am not a very interesting person.  I do not attend plays, concerts or much else.  Occasionally Donna Rea will call and take us out for a ball game at Hammond's field.  Mostly I mess around in the yard.

Today was no exception.  Only no major rebuilds, just weeding, mowing and some walk maintenance.  Some stepping stones are breaking up after being in place for 15+ years.  Oh, I did remove a portion of a bed by the tree that was cut down last year.  That bed was next to the stepping stones that were deteriorating.  But the edgers I made using the hyperturf concoction were still good enough to reline the smaller bed.

It feels good to be boring.  To just sit quietly while Gene watches the Cardinals attempt to not be swept by Pittsburgh.  We have been in Texas Ranger country for two weeks so not so much coverage of the hot well liked Cardinals.

Guess I better go do one or two more boring things.  Put the edger away as my butt was dragging after all the weed pulling.  Lots of weeds grow a lot during a two week absence with lots or watering.)  Dump the piggy in the compost pile and close the out building door.  That pretty exciting, three things to do, not two.
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