Sunday, September 15, 2013

Better Day

Any day following a full blown I hate me day is usually pretty good.  Well, that is unless a person were to take their own life.  For decades I battled depression with thoughts of suicide.  The mental health industry received many dollars from me or my insurance coverage.  It is really good to have a really low day (oxymoron there) that does not lead to thoughts of suicide.  It is good to know how to move beyond the negative thoughts and pick up on life again.

Now, readers, do not go getting all paranoid on me about this.  I had a week where my body was reminding me daily that the replaced knee and lifted bladder had not fixed some other problem areas.  Yesterday after the "I Hate Me Day" post I was feeling enough better to actually do some yard work in the cool of the evening.  I just used some of the techniques from the chronic pain clinic.  I listened to body and did not push it.  In time using the relaxation technique, the tension in my shoulder and neck was diminished.  In addition I have resumed my stretching and core exercises.  Even the act of writing the blog was a type of journaling  exercise.  After working for a couple of hours in the yard a shower proved very refreshing and added to my relaxation.

We have started a program named Financial Peace University.  We are certain this will help us get back on track after a couple of years of too much outflow.  As home owners we all expect roof, appliance and plumbing problems to develop over time.  Never a leaky fireplace that leads to termites.  You can read about some of this fireplace adventure herehere, here, and here are just a few.  That adventure last year plus Gene and I having two hospitalizations each, a chunk of change on automobile repairs , a tooth cap, well, you get the picture.    We are doing the FPU program and last night I read parts of the assignment out loud to Gene.  We discussed different aspects of the program.  Went to bed and slept the sleep of old people.

Today we attended worship.  Pastor's sermon was more on the theme 'Identity Crisis".  Worked on peeling apples for the annual Apple Pie fund raiser for UMW.  Grabbed some quick, cheap food on the way home.  And now we are both just relaxing.  I need to return a few phone calls.  but mostly I am ready to just watch a game out of the corner of my eyes while surfing the net.  Things will turn around.  And if not, at least more fodder for another blog!

Here is hoping you are having a good day.  If not today, may it be so tomorrow.

Original photograph, Gene Adcock, June, 2008, Middle Loop, Yellowstone National Park.

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