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Monday, September 2, 2013

Blogger on Vacation

This summer in the blogosphere has been sort of quite for me.  The blogs I visit most frequently that generate weekly 'assignments' or suggestions of subjects for writing have been on sabbatical.  Several have been on actual go to some place on road trips.  Others have had to good sense to just spend time away from digital devices preferring human interaction.  Imagine that.  Human interaction.  Not one of my strong points, unfortunately.  This summer I have been around more people on a daily basis than fits my comfort zone.

It is true that I enjoy joining in activities at church.  love being with my family from son to grandsons, Mom and aunts, sisters and their families.  Having a meals with friends in Texas as well as domino nights with friends in Missouri have been blessings.  Today has been a quite day of further research into different phone services and entertainment options.  We even sat for probably an hour revisiting our past vacations via bluetooth connections to our TV.  There are some great shots when viewed on an 46" screen.

We did not do the traditional out into the wilds vacations of years past this year.  The vacation for this year was documented earlier.  You can visit those posts here and here.   I would like to share a few of the pictures from the Northeast 2005 fall trip.  We followed the Ohio River almost to the point where the Lewis and Clark expedition originated.  Our son said his parents were the only two people that would not start at the St. Louis location.  Yep, Son, we are a little left of center!  We left the Ohio River, traversed Ohio north then skirted Lake Erie.  From there we headed for Niagara Falls.  Next to the Poconos via New York's Finger Lakes region.  A week in the Poconos included side trips to Amish Country and Dingman Falls areas.

From the Poconos we bypassed New York City to the north and headed for Cape Cod.  A week of touring the Cape in mid October yielded wonderful sights including the last whale watching tour of the season.  Our week concluded with the Kennedy Library and onto Ogunquit, Maine.  A walk along the Marginal Way was a spiritual connection with Native Americans from millennium past.  The beauty of Acadia National Park was another of our bucket list check points accomplished on this trip.  Back across Maine, across the tips of New Hampshire and Vermont just in time for falling snow.

We had 5 days left to make it back to Missouri and my job.  That meant more Interstate travel than either of us want to do in a Jeep Wrangler.  We traded the fun of "blue highways' for time in Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Valley Forge.  Today we revisited this trip by enjoying the dozens of pictures we made during the adventure of a lifetime trip!  Here is just a few for my blogger friends to enjoy.

Ohio River near Metropolis, IL

Blurry Niagara Falls at night.

Pennsylvania Amish Country.

Harvest Moon clammers, Cape Cod.

Cape Cod near Marconi Transmission site. 

Evening cloud reflections, Swan River, Cape Cod, next to our room.
Incoming tide, along the Marginal Way walkway, Ogunquit, Maine.

Along roadside, Bar Harbor, Maine

Gettysburg sunset.
Cranberry bog, Cape Cod, Mass.

Humpback whale off Cape Cod, Mass.

Dingman Falls, Pennsylvania.

Bridges over the Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, PA. 
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