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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some Days

Some days there's just not much one can say.
9/11 is a day folks seem to have a lot say.
For a friend and her husband, they hear,  "Happy Anniversary."

Another friend celebrates 65, having survived cancer.
My Mom turns 95 this day and is surrounded by love.
Both women hear, "Happy Birthday!"

My Dad's nephew, a young 65, passed 6 years ago today.
His loved ones still feel the sting of loss longing for words of comfort.
Nine-Eleven brings back horrific visions for families and a nation.

Some days seem so full of emotions we need more time,
More distance to allow some joy to seep into the day.
Days that "live in infamy" however seem to hold sadness hard and fast.

The following is a quote from Mark's Blog on the 15th anniversary 
of the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing,

"But Christians must live in certain hope, participating with God to transform this world from being a bombed-out shell to a place where swords have been beaten into plowshares and lions lie down with lambs. What we can’t forget is that we belong to the Prince of Peace!"

May God grant that we move forward in Peace.

From article titled, 'The Power of Loss.  The 9-11 Memorial

Oklahoma City Murrah Building Memorial

Memorial above the sunken SS Arizona, Pearl Harbor

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