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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Count Down Continues T - 8

Shelves are looking somewhat empty.
More and more of our stuff is being sold.
The leaf net is on the pond by now.
And this packing and parting is getting old.

With only one penguin in the 'packed stack'
I know there is still so much to get done.
The office closet is still stacked high with
At least 150 penguins if there is a single one.

It has been quite the sight this week
As us two slow, grumpy old farts
Attempt to get it all sorted and packed
Before the big moving van starts.

We worked more focused on this day.
Husband sorted through his many tools
While I repacked from tubs to boxes.
We worked into dark like old fools.

Now why on earth am I taking time
To write this blog each day?
Well, I guess it is nothing more than
Relaxing before I hit the Hay.

So on the Wordful Wednesday
I create for you this poem
That tells about the adventure of
Downsizing to a loft apartment Home.

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