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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Selling and Packing T - 12

I have a spreadsheet that has what we are trying to get done each day.  We do not always get done certain things on the assigned day.  Like yesterday I just wanted to get started on one certain closet and the tubs in the garage.  I was able to come to the end of the day tired and feeling like progress was made.  We began working on the TV armoire redo to make into shelves so it would sell better to the resale store.  Darn thing started looking so good we decided to keep it and us to store our china in the new place.  Not even going to try to finish the redo till we get to Austin/Round Rock.

Several items are listed on craigslist.  We have been spending time with folks coming to look and buy every thing from a candlestick lamp table to ladders to our washing machine.  The person buying the machine is graciously allowing us to use it till next week.  Even the dining table is sold.  We took it apart today to get it out of the way so I can start putting breakable items the movers are to pack on a folding table.  We still have the oak rolltop computer desk I gave Husband one year as a surprise.  It will probably go to a consignment shop nearby.

In 30 minutes we will be at a neighborhood good bye party.  Looking forward to chatting up the neighbors we call the waving neighbors.  Gonna be different this Christmas morning not delivering freshly baked goodies to these homes.  Been doing it for about 16 or 17 years.  Yes, this is going to be different living in a loft apartment setting where everyone else are 'not in our demographics' as Son put it after looking the place over for us.

Time to close, get freshened up and go hug friends and neighbors.  Oh, and eat some of Sharon's great chili.  Till tomorrow and T - 11 report!
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