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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

T - 9 Into Single Digits

What day is today.  I am thinking it is Tuesday or is it Wednesday.  Not quite sure which day till I check the computer calendar.  My brain cells are turning to mush.  Probably from smelling so much cardboard and newspaper.  I know we are making progress but really, I do not seem to be able to tell the difference today.  We did find a wonderfully helpful group from Mike's Unique store that is coming to help carry off all things not donated or packed for shipment.  This is an enormous relief.

Tomorrow will be more pickups and cool meetings.  Shared birthday girl who is an archivist specialist is coming to help me with the document I uncovered two days ago.  It is a document from France thanking the family of Harold Harness for his sacrifice in WW I.  It is a beautiful print that is hand signed noting the name, rank and company of this young soldier.  Harold was only about 18 when he entered the service.  He was Husband's mom's half brother.  Until she lost the ability to remember most things in her life, she would speak of Harold.  She was only 5 when he left for the war.  We have a few other mementos of this man as well as his mother.

Those mementos along with about 10 other tubs of  like items will most likely make the trip and be dealt with in Round Rock.  Everything from Grandpa Harness' rocker to the piano are finding new homes.  Red wagon used by Son and later to do garden building all will find new homes.  Homes that hopefully will find joy and pleasure in their use.  I think we have both reached the point of not being so nostalgic about everything.  But I am sure Son will find that we kept entirely too much when we moved.  Just as we have found with both of our mothers' belongings as they each had to downsize even further.

For now for us it is getting pretty exciting.  Single digits till we begin the new, exciting adventure.  An adventure that looks more like the beginning of a young married couple rather than two old poops.  We like living our of our demographics.  We like being involved with newer technology.  Husband thrives on learning of other cultures.  He loves to look at things from a different perspective.  And we will be near 3 terrific grandsons, Son and the varied life they lead.

It's now 7 days till professionals arrive for packing day, 8 till load day and 9 till the keys are handed over to the new owners.  Single digits and we leave the fish.  By the way, the contract we signed on the house had included that all things regarding the pond be left including the fish.  The bank balked as they do not make loans on fish!  So the words 'including fish' were removed and an addendum was added stating we would leave the fish.  So long my wet friends.  Now hand me the money, Mr. Banker!

My goldfish for 9 more days.  I'll miss these critters!

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