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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Yes, I found another theme blog.  I am submitting my take on Wild Bird Wednesday.  This wonderful flock of Cedar Waxwings dropped by one February to feast on the American Cranberry fruits in my yard.
Cedar Waxwing enjoying the few remaining fruits of American Cranberry bush.

Found my garden winter arrangement and flocked to it.

As the birds were only about 6 feet from me the shots were a challenge!!

Taking a break from chowing down on fermented fruit.

After enjoying the fermented fruits in my yard, they needed to sit and visit a while.  Within just a few hours all the fruit was stripped from the two shrubs and three arrangements scattered around the yard. There were probably 50 or so in the flock.  Never before nor never again have we enjoyed such a feathery delight!

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